About Me

My name is Mark Brouwer, and I’m a spiritual teacher who serves as a pastor, writer, speaker, coach and mentor. (my bio)

I work with people who want to make a difference with their lives, but struggle with anxiety, depression, or addiction. I come from a Christian perspective, but I work with people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds, including those whose life experiences have brought spiritual confusion or doubt.

Two Subject Areas … Two Issues:

As a pastor, obviously I work with people about all kinds of issues. But in my writing and outside speaking, there are two areas I focus on. I offer coaching and programs — and speak to groups — to help people with two issues:

1. Those who want to make a difference with their lives, but struggle with stress, overwhelm, and discouragement

Over the years, I have found that many pastors, Christian leaders, and church volunteers are in this category, as are many “heart centered” entrepreneurs. My book “Leaving Your Mark Without Losing Your Mind” is all about this very issue. I have created a program called, “How to Help Others Without Harming Yourself.” (I’m currently revamping it as I will be presenting it in a three-day workshop form in Thailand. I plan to offer it as an updated version in the Spring or Summer of 2020). I speak to churches, community organizations, church leader gatherings about this issue, and offer both workshops and keynote talks.

2. Those who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors — whether or not these rise to the level of “addiction” — and want to find lasting recovery

I offer a 90-day home study course — called “The Recovery Journey” — and coaching and support, which hundreds of people have found help from. I speak to churches, men’s groups, church youth groups, college groups, parenting groups, and church gatherings about this topic … I’ve given hundreds of talks about sexual purity, healthy marriage, and overcoming pornography and sex addiction.

How I Help

I offer spiritual teaching at my church (Bethel Church in Princeton, MN), and in workshops and keynote speeches. I write books and articles about spiritual living, healthy leadership, and recovery from addiction. I provide coaching and mentoring in various programs with Renew Resources, a coaching and training organization I started in 2006.


Click here to learn more about my most recent book. I’ve also written the Solid Foundation Journal, and a chapter in the minister handbook “Pastoral Challenges and Concerns“.

Writing for medium.com (spiritual living, contemporary issues)

Writing for lastingleaders.com (sustainable leadership, spirituality)

Writing for sexualsanity.com (addiction, recovery, healthy sexuality)

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